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“Mihlali drives me crazy,” Leeroy Sidambe says about his wife

Leeroy Sidambe has publicly expressed his deep love for Mihlali Ndamase during a Live Instagram chat.

The businessman, who is still in the process of divorcing his ex-wife MaryJane, shared that he is head over heels in love with Mihlali.

He praised her for taking good care of him, and his affectionate words for her went viral on Twitter.

In response to their relationship, Mihlali clarified during an interview on L-Tido’s podcast that while he is not legally divorced yet, they are in a relationship.

She emphasized that their situation is the reality for many people who file for divorce but continue with their lives and enter new relationships.

Mihlali also expressed her reluctance to clarify her relationship status further and asked not to be made the face of something unrelated to her.

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